An investigation on Teacher Development Practices which contribute to the enhancement of Knowledge of Discipline and Knowledge of Language Use in ESP Teachers in Public Post – Secondary & Higher Education Institutions in Greece

  1. MSc thesis
  3. Διδακτική της Αγγλικής ως Ξένης/Διεθνούς Γλώσσας (ΑΓΓ)
  4. 05 February 2023
  5. Αγγλικά
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  7. Aikaterini Kourkouli
  8. ESP Teacher Development
  9. teacher development/ESP
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    • The current dissertation focuses on the investigation of the beliefs of in-service ESP

      teachers in Greek public post-secondary and higher education institutions concerning

      the practices employed for enrichment of knowledge of discipline and knowledge of

      language use in the specific discipline, and the effectiveness of the practices in relation

      to knowledge as well as self-efficacy development. This exploratory study addresses a

      rather uncharted area in the Greek context, which makes its contribution valuable to the

      established knowledge in its field and responds to the increasing need of ESP teachers

      for teacher development. In particular, the research is intended to identify the presence

      of the practices employed for knowledge enhancement and the extent to which

      engagement with these practices promotes knowledge of discipline and knowledge of

      language use, as well as the extent to which they are linked with ESP teachers’ self

      efficacy levels. To this end, quantitative research was conducted, employing a specially

      designed questionnaire was constructed as the methodological tool for data collection.

      The results indicate that the majority of the practices under investigation, are largely

      not employed, as a great number of ESP teachers have not engaged with them. In

      addition, the findings shed more light onto the extent of effectiveness of each practice

      based on ESP teachers’ self-reported answers. Finally, teacher development courses

      implications for this branch of teachers are presented and it is suggested that teacher

      development courses should be coordinated carefully and be integrated with specific

      practices that are expected to lead to supreme enrichment of knowledge and elevation

      of ESP teachers’ self-efficacy levels, and thus increase their effectiveness.

  11. Hellenic Open University
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