Style of Leadership and Organizational Structure overview, understanding and importance

  1. MSc thesis
  3. Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων (MBA)
  4. 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2023
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  9. organizational structure, leadership, management, organizational culture, job satisfaction
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    • Abstract
      This thesis deals with the connection that exists between the organizational structure in an
      organization or company, with the application of an appropriate and effective leadership to
      achieve maximum efficiency, while satisfying the individual goals that are set. The thesis is
      divided into seven individual chapters, the first of which is the introduction in which both the
      main purpose of its preparation and the individual objectives set for satisfaction are
      presented. Also, the importance of the thesis is analyzed, as well as the methodology that
      will be adopted for its preparation.
      In the second chapter, the concept of organizational structure is introduced, where the
      individual definitions are presented, while the goals achieved through it are also analyzed.
      Then, the factors that influence and shape the organizational structure of a company are
      studied, as well as the organizational structure used.
      In the third chapter of the thesis, there is a presentation of the concept of leadership, where
      apart from its definition; both its importance and the characteristics that govern it are
      introduced. Also, special emphasis is placed on leadership theories that exist and are used in
      the business world, alongside approaches to dealing with different situations. The analysis of
      this third chapter is completed by presenting the correlation that exists between leadership
      and the different organizational structure that exist.
      In the fourth chapter, the relationship between leadership and organizational structure is
      thoroughly described, through the presentation of a series of research and studies that have
      been carried out and published mainly abroad. Both the role of leadership, as it is adopted
      through its various aspects in the business world, and the key elements that influence the
      effectiveness of an appropriate leadership style, are extensively analyzed. Then, the
      relationship that exists between leadership and management in an organization is presented,
      but also how the application of this appropriate leadership can, with the help of organizational
      culture, lead to the desired results. This fourth chapter concludes with the analysis of the
      relationship between employee satisfaction and leadership and with their tasks, but also with
      the workplace they are in, while it also shows in which way the organizational culture could
      regulate the relationship between in the job satisfaction of individuals and in the adoption of
      an appropriate leadership style.
      In the fifth chapter of this thesis, the methodology that will be used is analyzed, in the context
      of the research part where both the research purpose of the work, the research objectives
      and the research questions are presented. Also, in the same chapter, an analysis is carried
      out in terms of the research approach, while the structure of the questionnaire that will be
      used to conduct the interviews is also presented. The seventh chapter of this thesis
      recapitulates the most important conclusions drawn from the previous analysis, while
      proposing new directions for carrying out further research, with more practical content, in the
      organizational structure and leadership

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