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Title: Language Use and Oracy Skills in the First Grade Coursebook of Technical Vocational Schools in Greece: Teachers' Practices, Strategies and Perceptions regarding Listening and Speaking Skills
Authors: Ispoglidou, Polyxeni
Advisor: Γεωργούντζου, Αναστασία
Keywords: oracy, communication, pronunciation;english as a lingua franca
Issue Date: 23-Jun-2017
Abstract: In a globalised world with the dominance of technology and the Internet, the central role of English is an undisputable fact. Over the last few years, it has spread widely all over the world and it functions as a powerful lingua franca (ELF). So, mastering the necessary skills to communicate orally in English has become a priority. The aim of this study is to examine the role of oracy skills (listening and speaking) within the EFL context of technical education in Greece. More specifically, an evaluation of the textbook, designed for the students of the first grade of Technical Vocational School, with reference to its speaking and listening component , is carried out in order to find out to what extent the tasks match the criteria of the researcher's checklist as well as identify problematic areas. Another goal of the current thesis is to discover the teachers' attitude towards oracy skills. Specifically, it tries to shed light on how they practice speaking and listening in their classes as well as how they deal with possible insufficiencies of the textbook or students' difficulties. Special reference is also made to pronunciation, an area of language teaching closely related to the aforementioned skills, which are under investigation. The research is seeking to find out whether the textbook as well as the teachers adopt the native speaker pronunciation models or taking into account the emergence of different varieties of English, they try to expose students to some of them.
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