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Title: How an impeding major political event affects the Forex Market
Authors: Aivalis, Vasileios
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Artikis, Panayiotis
Keywords: forex;news;foreign exchange;trading;currency
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2017
Abstract: This dissertation investigates the correlation between currency rates and major events and how the exchange rate volatility and fluctuation affect the trader’s behaviour. The impact of political and economic news on the exchange rates is identified. This research investigates the currency rate movements before a major political event and also what happens to the currency rates after the event. Furthermore, this paper investigates how the traders’ behaviour is affected, if they are trading on the mostly affected currency or if they prefer to stay away due to increased volatility of the currency rate. Huge rate spikes, affect both traders and brokers accounts as with the use of leverage, margin calls are highly likely to occur. It is important to find answers to the above questions, from both the academic and the investors perspective. The academic community is interested in correlating news and currency pair fluctuations for the purpose of documenting and analyzing political and economic situations for a macroeconomic research analysis. Whereas the traders need to know the effect of the news to quickly adjusted their market positions.
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