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Advisor: Liontou, Trisevgeni
Keywords: working memory, practice, training, strategies, reading competency, young EFL learners
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2016
Abstract: The current dissertation aims to contribute to a better understanding of the working memory mechanisms that relate to foreign language learning, and, more specifically, to young learners. In addition, strategy training results were associated to subjects’ performance on reading tests in order to investigate any impact of the former to reading performance and competency. To this end, a working test was designed and applied to 40 10-year old Greek students of EFL. The experimental group was subject to strategy training, more specifically to word recognition and synthetic strategies-such as creating stories and poems; simultaneously, the active control group received 4-week training to an on-line visuo-spatial span task and their best performance was noted down. Following the training period, the two groups sat for the same working memory tests (with minor modifications). The scores of the two working memory tests were compared and associated with two short reading tests, so as to demonstrate any impact of direct strategy training in comprehending untaught texts in foreign language. Indeed, the results indicate a small, but clear increase in students’ performance on reading tests.
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