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Title: Τα παγκόσμια περιβαλλοντικά προβλήματα μέσα από τα σχολικά εγχειρίδια των φυσικών επιστημών του Γυμνασίου : το φαινόμενο του θερμοκηπίου : η αραίωση της στοιβάδας του όζοντος
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2008
Abstract: AbstractThe goal of this study is to investigate the frequency, the depth and the way environmental problems are presented in Physical Science textbooks in high school. Particular, emphasis is placed on the Greenhouse Effect and the Depletion of the Ozone Layer. For this purpose, it was realized a thorough content analysis of eight Physical Science textbooks used in high school (specifically, in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography). So, a lengthy list of different criteria was elaborated in order to look at how frequently each textbook refers in environmental problems as well as to analyse the textual and pictorial elements pertaining the Greenhouse Effect and the Depletion of the Ozone Layer. The most important results of this study are the following: a) the most of information for the environmental problems are contained in the Chemistry of the Third grade, that is also the unique handbook that is satisfactorily reported in the Greenhouse Effect and the Depletion of the Ozone Layer, b) big part of information is found in the end of handbooks or in secondary texts (additional), which means that it is likely not to be studied, c) the most of pictorial elements are not connected with any text and also, many of them are vague or promote students' alternative ideas, , d) the majority of exercises encourage memorization. According to the above, it becomes apparent that it is necessary to enrich the content of handbooks with more environmental information that should be in the mainly texts and in place temporally accessible (primarily, in the beginning or middle of the book) so that students could be involved with them. It is also important to enhance the books with exercises that promote learners' critical thinking as well as to omit or revise those images that create confusion and also it is necessary to connect the pictures with the main text, so that reading paths be created.
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