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Title: Κοινωνική προέλευση και σχολική επίδοση στα μαθηματικά : συγκριτική μελέτη μεταξύ των μαθητών του 4ου ΕΠΑ.Λ. Αθηνών και των συμμετεχόντων μαθητών στους διαγωνισμούς της Ελληνικής Μαθηματικής Εταιρείας (Ε.Μ.Ε.)
Issue Date: 6-Nov-2008
Abstract: ABSTRACT This dissertation tries to explore the relationship between the students‟ social background and their performance in Mathematics. It is based on bibliography and on empirical research. The review of the existed bibliography explores how the contextual factors affect the student‟s school performance especially in Mathematics. Moreover a short research was carried out among 69 students of the 4th Vocational Lyceum of Athens concerning their family, social and cultural context as well as their performance in Mathematics. On the other hand the same environmental conditions of 60 parents of students of Gymnasia and Lycea of Attica that take part in the 2nd stage of “EFKLEIDES” competition in Mathematics, conducted, annually, by the Hellenic Mathematical Society, are examined. The empirical research confirms the results of the bibliography review, as there is a strong connection between the level of education, the family‟s financial position and the student‟s performance.
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