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Title: Το επίπεδο της υγείας των ηλικιωμένων ατόμων [Cd-rom] : η περίπτωση των χρηστών των υπηρεσιών Κ.Α.Π.Η. : [Διπλωματική διατριβή]
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2008
Abstract: The purpose of this research study is to find the health level of the elderly whohave joined K.A.P.I. (Center for Open Protection of the Elderly) and whetherthese centers help in the promotion of health for this group of people.K.A.P.I. is a unique place for the elderly. In order to reach our purpose it wasessential firstly to define, theoretically, health and the factors that influencethe health level.Moreover, it was important to explore and examine the Quality of Life, whichwere the defining factors, the indexes, how and what type of tools were usedto measure it. Also, emphasis was given on different studies of Quality of Lifethat took place in the past.
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